From Cbf

Music is an intriguingly interesting way of stimulating human feelings. We all have this song that somehow triggers a memory, a feeling, or some unexplained brain stigma, that makes us listen to the song over and over again. How many are the times that we are riding on a train, driving in a car, or walking on the road, and a song plays over and over in our mind.

A former college friend, Houssam Wali, once had a quote on his desk : "Life is a song...." I have long forgotten the remainder of the quote, but somehow, that unfinished quote, is the only bit of memory, that prevents me from forgetting who Houssam was. How do we build memories of people, and why do things remind us of people, and people remind us of things. It makes you think.

Anyway, for me, my favorite artist, is Eagle-Eye Cherry, an alternative rock artist, who's songs and lyrics, play my tune. I am trying to find out. Until then, here is a probe of the music chamber of my mind....

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