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Super Mario's Cupcakes

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Mario, surrounded by cupcakes at the beggining of the game
Super Mario's Cupcakes is a game. It was released for the LamePuke in 2001. The game revolved around Mario going from world to world. The story line begins with Mario eating some Cupcakes. While getting one more from the box, he notices that all of them are gone! Mario went to go see Peach if she stole the cupcakes. Mario accidentaly destroyed the castle and everybody in it. Mario however survived this, and went to go get some more cupcakes from the Super Market. When mario came out, he noticed Evil Guy holding some CUPCAKES! Mario knew that they were his, so he jumped up and stole them. Evil Guy was mad, so he trapped mario into an ANTI CUPCAKE WORLD! Mario was scared, but prevailed through everything. Mario got to Cupcake castle. Evil Guy was waiting for Mario, and tried to destroy him with the Dung he threw. Mario defeated him however, and got his cupcakes back and went back to the Mushroom World and lived happily ever after.
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