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Mushroom White

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Mushroom White was a super short Mario videogame and the biggest shame of all. This game only has one level and one Super mini-boss. This game was so bad, that this game is super easy to find because no one will buy it.


Bowser's Wife finds out Bowser loves Peach and kidnaps her. Mario goes on an adventure. When he gets there Peach is dead. Mario then gets a new girlfirned Pauline.


Level 1-1: In this level Mario has to run, and jump on the flagpole. No enemies no objects...just Mario and the pole.

Level Boss: Bowser's Wife easy enemy. Just look at her and she dies.


  • This game was going to be actually a movie-they worked for 20 years to make it and before they were done they said to instead make it into a game. It was made into a game, but for the lack of interest it turned horribly wrong.
  • A sequel, Mushroom Black is being made.
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