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The Machine Wars

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A rebel assault on Mars Prison.

The Machine Wars were sub-wars of the TimeSplitters War. The main forces fighting against each other were the Robots and Cyborgs, since most humans at the time were cyborgs.

The robots were manufactured by UltraNet, the latest incarnation of Jacob Crow's organization. They were allies with the TimeSplitters, thus the rebellious cyborgs are the "good guys" in this fight, if you will. The Rebels, led by Mordecai Jones, played an important role in stopping the TimeSplitters from increasing their power through use of robots.

Robots Used In The Machine Wars

The Machine Wars saw many fascinating technological developments by UltraNet. The following series of Robots were in circulation during the war:

  • The Goliath Series - A giant robot used for heavy combat. Armed with a minigun and rocket launcher
  • The Insetick Series - A light, mobile combat droid.
  • The Med Unit Series - A robot used to heal soldiers.
  • The Prometheus Series - Fighting robots heavier in build than the Inseticks, with bulky, round armor plating.
  • The R-100 Series - Heavy war robots, generally with lots of stamina.
A robot of the Prometheus series.


Soon after the Machine Wars, The Machinist, a cyborg, attempted to start another Machine War by building new robots in the Robot Factory in an attempt for robots to regain control.

Robots Used After The Machine Wars

Notable Characters

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