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George Henry Thurston
Personal Identity
OccupationFarmer, Civil Engineer
BirthplaceBurlington, Iowa
BirthdateDecember 2, 1846
Place of Burial
FamilySamuel Royal Thurston (father), Elizabeth McClinch Thurston (mother), Marietta H Thurston (wife), Blandina S. Thurston (daughter), Samuel R. Thurston (son), Anita Elizabeth (daughter)
Personality & Physical nature
EducationWillamette University
Hobbies & Interests
Physical Characteristics
Social information
ResidenceThurston area


[edit] History

George H. Thurston was a resident of the State of Oregon since 1847, and born at Burlington, Iowa, December 2, 1846. He was the son of Samuel R. Thurston, Oregon’s first territorial delegate to Congress. George H. was educated at Willamette University and in other schools of the State. He began his career in the business world in 1864, as chairman of a Government land surveying party. The following year he was associated with W. H. Odell and B. J. Pengra, who located the Oregon Central Military Wagon Road from Booneville City, Idaho, to Eugene; he thus passed his summers in surveying, and during the winter attended school until 1870, when he bought his ranch of 800 acres near Springfield; here he engaged in the live-stock business, and during the same year, purchased 5,000 head of sheep which he sold on the route to Oroville, California. In the spring of 1871 he returned to Eugene, and engaged in public surveys which he followed for three seasons.

Mr. Thurston was united in marriage, March 26, 1872, to Miss Marietta Henderson, a daughter of Enoch Henderson, an early pioneer of Oregon. After his marriage he continued in the live-stock trade and Government surveys until 1879, when he began reading law with George B. Dorris of Eugene; he was admitted to the bar October 5, 1882, but did not engage in active practice, except as referred to the management of the land business of the Willamette Valley and Cascade Mountain Wagon Road; he conducted the business until 1885, residing in Portland. This concluded, he returned to his ranch at Springfield, and has made his headquarters there while looking after his speculations and stock interests.

In 1880 he embarked in the raising of sheep in eastern Oregon, and continued with marked success until 1887, when through a severe winter he lost 10,000 head; in 1890 he sold his sheep, but still owns a range of 3,700 acres in Lake county.

Mr. and Mrs. Thurston have three children: Blandina S., Samuel R. and Anita Elizabeth. Our subject is a member of no secret societies and seeks no political honors. He has devoted his energies to his business, and has met with the success equal to his efforts. [Hines, H. K. "An Illustrated History of the State of Oregon." Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co. 1893. p. 1272.]

The Thurston area was named after George H Thurston, a pioneer settler of the region.

[edit] CENSUS

[edit] 1850, Dec., 4; Washington Co, OR. Terr, p 122, Linn City

S.R. Thurston, 32, ME, lawyer

Eliz'th F, 32, ME

Geo. H., 4, IA

Eliz'th, 1 1/2, OT

D.F. McLane, 23, ME, machinist

Robt. Moore, 69, PA, farmer

[edit] 1860, July 21; Yamhill Co, OR; Dayton pct, p 682

W. H. Odell, 30, IN, farmer, 2250 / 2000

Elizabeth, 36, ME

George Thurston, 13, IA, att. school

Elizabeth Thurston, 11, OR, att. school

[edit] 1870, June 8; Lane Co, OR; Eugene City, p 464

A. W. Stowell, 28, IN, clerk in store, 1200 pers. prop.

Blendina, 21, OR, keeping house, 4000 / 1000

George Thurston, 23, IA, clerk, 3500 real estate

[edit] 1880, June 1; Lane Co, OR; Eugene, p 252

Geo. Thurston, 33, IA, ME, ME, farmer

Marietta, wife, 29, MO, MO, PA, keeping house

Sybil, dau, 3, OR, IA, MO

Saml R, son, 1, OR, IA, MO

[edit] 1900, June 30; Grant Co, OR; Susanville Pct, p 82

George H. Thurston, 53, Dec 1846, IA, ME, ME, mar 24 yrs, civil engineer

[edit] 1900, June 19; Lane Co, OR; North Eugene Pct, p 104, Oak st.

Mary H. Thurston, 49, Feb 1851, MO, MO, PA, mar, unk yrs, 3 children-3 living, house keeper

Sible, dau, 23, Sept 1876, OR, IA, MO, single, att. school

Sam R, son, 21, March 1879, OR, IA, MO, single, att. school

Anna E, dau, 16, Nov 1883, OR, IA, MO, att. school

[edit] 1910, May 3; Douglas Co, WA; Dyer Pct, p 9

Harry E. Van Ogole, 36, IA, ENG, ENG, farmer, single

Annie M, mother, 65, ENG, ENG, ENG, mar 2, mar 25 yrs, 6 children-4 living

George H. Thurston, hired man, 63, IA, ME, ME, mar 1, mar 38 yrs, 4 children-2 living, farmer

Roy Miller, hired man, 23, IA, IA, CAN, farmer, single

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