Thompson, Earl

From Lane Co Oregon

[edit] History

[edit] Springfield News November 28, 1935


Council Railroads Ed Waltman into Office Few Days Before Recall Election

E.H. Turner resigned as mayor and Ed Waltman, a political follower of the present city dministration was railroaded into the office last Thursday night at one of the most hectic meetings of the City Council ever witnessed here. Turner, three councilmen, Thompson, Privat and Bartholomew, and recorder, Aldrich, were facing a recall vote next week.

Turner arrived late for the meeting and at once called the meeting, which was attended by a large crowd of his followers, into session. He called on City Attorney James King to read his legal opinion relative to the park and industrial tract committee and refused H.E. Maxey an opportunity to make a statement on behalf of the committee until the Council had accepted the opinion and ordered the finance committee of the council to take further action. The vote was three times yes, with Taylor voting no.

He then submitted his resgination which was accepted without comment. Councilman W.A. Taylor, president of the Council automatically became acting mayor and objected to taking immediate action on Earl Thompson's motion, seconded by Phil Bartholomew that Waltman be named mayor. Taylor argued tht the office should be left open until the recall elections as no further meetings of the council were scheduled prior to December 9. The motion finally came to a vote with Thompson, Bartholomew and Privat approving. Taylor, presiding, did not have a vote.

Another protest by Taylor was short-lived as the council called Waltman to the chair to be sworn in by Chester Aldrich, recorder, who had the necessary oath already typed ready for signing. Following this, the meeting adjourned.

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