Pengra, William B

From Lane Co Oregon

Pengra, William B. (1834-1895)

He was born in Genessee county, New York, May 5, 1834, but when quite young was taken to Erie county, Pennsylvania, where he resided eight years, then emigrating to Green county, Wisconsin and afterwards to Winnebago county, Illinois, where he resided until he came to Oregon in 1853.

On arrival he first settled on a farm with his brother Hon. Byron J. Pengra, in the vicinity of Springfield, Lane county, but in the spring of 1854 he moved to Phoenix, Jackson county, and assisted in the erection of the first saw mill in that place. Moving subsequently to Yreka, Siskiyou county, California, he engaged in mining operations until 1858 when he returned to Lane county, settled in Springfield and has since resided there, being one of the owners of the large flouring and saw mills there, a view of which is found in this volume. ["Illustrated History of Lane County, Oregon." Published A.G. Walling, 1884. Portland, Oregon. pg 488.]

Brother of Byron J. Pengra and, as of 1872, co-owner of the Springfield Manufacturing Company. Husband of Louisa S Pengra, and father of William J Pengra.

Shortly after expanding the flour mill, the corporation of the Springfield Manufacturing Company sold the mills and water power in 1872 to Byron and William Pengra. It is speculated that the rerouting of the railroad line to Eugene influenced the shareholders’ decision to sell. The Pengras operated the mills despite the lack of railroad access. In 1882, the sawmill was destroyed by fire. Pengra later became the sole owner of the flour mill form 1884 to 1890. In 1890 Charles W. Washburne, a Junction City banker, purchased the flour mill from William Pengra.

[edit] Certificate of Election

Springfield. Or. 12th Dec 92

Mr W. B Pengra:

This is to certify that at this election held the

5th Dec. I you were elected Recorder for the

ensuing year.

E. Mandi. Recorder.

Town of Springfield.

[edit] Tombstone

Located in the Laurel Hill Cemetery in Glenwood, Oregon.

It reads:

William B.Louisa S.
1834-1895 1851-1909
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