Junction City

From Lane Co Oregon

The town of Junction City was to have been the junction point of two railroads coming from the north. While this plan failed, the town did become the junction point of two highways coming from the north, so its name is still fitting.

Like the Alvadore Christian Church, this congregation had its roots in the Grand Prairie Church. By 1880, the congregation was organized with 10 members as the Junction City Christian Church. James Addison Bushnell (overland in 1853) was one of the first elders. James and Elizabeth Adkins Bushnell were instrumental in founding the Eugene Divinity School (Northwest Christian College). One minister during that time was W. H. Wiltsee (or Wiltse).

During the late 1870's James Carr Campbell and his wife Mary Jane settled here while Mr. Campbell was principal of the Junction City High School. He was a nephew of Alexander Campbell.

A new church building was dedicated in 1892 during the ministry of A.D. Skaggs. It stood on the corner of 6th and Ivy. The church is now located at 1250 Nyssa.

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