Lewis, Carl

From Lane Co Oregon

Carl Lewis was a Springfield council member for Ward 5 until 1948.

[edit] Springfield News, Thursday, November 4, 1948

Larson, Bouck, Nicholas And McChesney Elected

B.P. Larson, retired merchant, was elected mayor of Springfield by a majority of 309 votes returns from Tuesday's election show. He polled 1449 votes to Dr. W.N. Dow's 1140. Frank Bouck was elected councilman for the third ward, Arthur McChesney, fifth ward and Ralph Nicholas, ward six.

The city election was hotly contested and manifested as much interest the last week as the national and state contests.

Mr. Houck will replace Jack Larson as councilman for Ward three. McChesney takes the place recently vacated by Carl Lewis and temporarily filled by Lloyd Millhollen. Nicholas will represent the sixth ward which now includes the Paramount district and represented by Gilbert Shush.

The voters also passed the $95,000 road bond issue.

Following is how the prcinct voted:

Precinct No. 1, Dow 184, Larson 226, bonds yes 228 and no 123.

Precint No. 2, Dow 118, Larson 134, bonds yes 157, no 70.

Precinct No. 3, Dow 222, Larson 214. Brown 139, Bouch 218.

Precinct No. 4, Dow 105, Larson 195. Bonds yes 193, bons no 93.

Precinct No. 5, Dow 241. Larson 99, McChesney 169, Head 89 and Duncan 99.

Precinct No. 6, Dow 146. Larson 304, Nicholas 219, Warnick 150, bonds yes 298 and no 119.

Precinct No. 7 Dow 124, Larson 256, Warnick 204 and Nicholas 149, bonds yes 292 and no 54.

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