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[edit] Lane County

[edit] Coburg

  • Charles Payne credited with naming town (In the early days of Oregon, the most valuable item a person owned was his horse...the horse was used not only as transportation to get from place to place, but also to till the fields and plant crops for survival. Coburg was known as a place to get good horses...in fact, buyers from the circus came to Coburg to get good stock. There was said to be a particularly fine stallion here from Coburg Germany. One day this horse was brought to the local blacksmith, Charles Payne. He took off the old shoes, re-shod the horse and hung the old shoes on the wall of the Smithy saying, "I name this place Coburg." And the name stayed.
  • First Coburg School built. It was a one room schoolhouse 2 miles north of town.

[edit] Springfield

  • An attempt was made by another group of local investors to build a woolen factory at

Springfield in 1865. It was to be called the Springfield Woolen Manufacturing Company. Although capital was raised and construction planned, the venture never went beyond setting up an eight-horsepower carding machine in a building once used as a cabinet shop. Farmers were invited by the owner, Charles Goodchild:

to inspect the new machinery and to patronize the proprietor for the sake of home industry and to save themselves the inconvenience of sending their wool out of the county to be carded (Lomax 1941:301-303). The two-man operation lasted only a short time before being purchased by the Pengra brothers in 1873. The machinery was sold to Drury S. Stayton, who started the woolen mill in Stayton, Oregon (Walling 1884:453).

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