Emberglow vs. Garrison

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Legal File: "Emberglow vs. Garrison"
Accused: Stephen Garrison
Defense and Counsel: Galen Garrison Jr., Brian Garrison
Prosecution: Lizabeth Commons
Jurisdiction: Dragonita Hold, Serpentslash

[edit] Overview

Defendant is accused of violent assault upon Tristan Emberglow, inflicting wounds using craft scissors and rendering Emberglow unconscious from loss of blood. Accounts say that an argument occurred between the two dragons shortly before the crime; the defendant says that Emberglow acted "strangely" during their meeting.

[edit] Evidence

Sharp black-handled craft scissors. One edge has been dulled by use on dragon scales. Traces of Emberglow's blood was found on this edge. Submitted as the crime weapon.
Garrison's Shirt 
A green T-shirt that the defendant was wearing the day of the crime. Has a large gash, caused by dragon claws, down the left side.
Spider Vase 
An ornate, ceremonial vase with a spider motif, believed to ward off shadow charrs. Was smashed the day of the crime.

[edit] Fourth Wall

This court case is the central event of the "Trial by Brothers" case in the non-canon Galen Garrison: Ace Attorney project, which is inspired by and based upon the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series of games.

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