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The "Friendly Charr" who tells the Belly Rub stories.
The "Belly Rub" series is a group of very short stories with little plot or character development, focusing instead on different types of transformation, including shrinking, growth, and tame inflation. They were designed to provide an outlet for transformation scenes without damaging the integrity of other stories by placing unneeded transformation scenes into them. The Belly Rub stories can be accessed from the "Friendly Charr" in the Wine Cellar part of the Forcastia Site.

The series is named for its recurring theme. At one or more points in every story in the series, a belly rub, massage, hug, or otherwise belly-oriented joke or scene takes place.

The Belly Rub series is designed to be viewed with an open mind. Although care has been taken to make sure that no character acts unlike they actually would, the series is intended to be non-canon. As such, scenes that occur during the Belly Rub story may reappear in a canon story, since, technically speaking, the Belly Rub story never occured in the official Forcastia storyline.

[edit] "A Belly Rub Exam"

Bluey visits Elena for a checkup. Elena gives him some vitamins, but Bluey mistakingly takes a burstberry capsule instead, which fills his belly with juice and inflates him. Elena takes him into the clinic's potion storage to search for cure, while trying to keep his spirits up.

[edit] "Size-Changing Belly Rub"

Lak and Spencer find an old inventor's shrinking and growth ray, and have fun wantonly changing their sizes. They soon find themselves in trouble as they grow too large for the room. (This story is not currently completed.)

[edit] "A Growing Belly Rub"

Dragoon, tired of being so short, procures a size ray and growberry juice, and tries to make himself as tall as Bluey. He accidentally gets himself much larger than that. (This story is not currently completed.)

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