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What the he'll?

My writing isn't even up to my own standards.


To my knowledge, we're okay for now. We could still use some money to deal with other things like medication, transportation, and other necessities we can't get with food money. But we're able to stay indoors so that's good.

I'm working on getting back into writing.


  • Improve my writing.
  • Create stories that are entertaining, whether they're simple or complex. Even when something I write is simply a vehicle for scenes with sexual content, I want them to be enjoyable.
  • Improve my editing, formatting, and wiki coding abilities.
  • Use those abilities and the wiki medium to do unique and unexpected things with the choose your own adventure format. I believe this can be more than simply a bit of text and some options, though there's absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to just that.
  • Eventually, when I have the ability, I want to create art assets for all of my stories. Perhaps even animated assets and audio/music. Though to do this I'll need something more substantial than a tablet to work with. Ideally a laptop. If anyone wants to either work with me on that or help me get a laptop it would be much appreciated.



Like I get that it's easier to just make a piece of text into a link, but I don't get why, for the sake of making sure their stories don't cross over with anything else or so they don't have to word things awkwardly to make common actions into unique links, people don't at least put the name of the story in the link and disguise it. Maybe not go into the insane this/that/the other thing/etc/1/next/ shit that I do with mine, but something to make sure everything they want to do is unique to their story.

Not PC

I hate the term "politically correct" because it portrays basic human decency as a political act. Being racist, misogynist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. Doesn't make you edgy and "not politically correct" it makes you a fucking asshole. I put up with tropes that get into those territories because they're inescapable, but being upset that myself or people I care about are being thrown under the bus for a laugh is still justified.


I don't understand a few things I keep seeing people do. I don't understand, for one, clearly not going through the tutorial or reading the rules. Just, it's not that hard to do those things before you post something. I read the tutorial and reread it and referred back to it multiple times before I got comfortable with what I was doing and there's still some things I'm learning and don't know how to do.

I also don't understand people who start their stories in their user page, or worse still their talk page. Like who looks at the list of stories on here and concludes that if they start writing in their user page it will just magically appear in the list? Who clicks on their redlinked username and goes "You know what my user profile needs? Adult Zoey 101 fan fiction." Or worse, clicks on their Talk page and thinks "Obviously this is where I write furry erotica. Right here. That's what I'm talking about."

I don't understand it. At all. It makes no sense to me. I feel like I'd have to be seriously drunk to make that leap in my mind. I want to help these people, I do, but I can only do so much without literally doing it for them. And I'd even do that if I thought it would help, but chances are if I fixed it they'd just go "Eh? What happened?" And put it back. I hate seeing people get banned for this stupid shit but if they don't take a hint then what the fuck?

And for the record, I do think it would be interesting to work out your user page like a story. I'm not sure of that's allowed, but I think it would be interesting to say, have it be a story about your life where you as the user are the main character and people play around as you to find out about who you are, or something. Or maybe the player is talking to you and asking you questions about yourself. Something relevant to your user page, not adult fan fiction.

Not so much a rant as a minor grievance with myself

I hate to keep harping on the laptop thing, but seriously. My hand hurts like crazy after writing for any period of time because the corner of the tablet grinds into it. A physical keyboard would be heaven. I would write so much more often. If anyone has like an old laptop they never use or knows where I can get one, let me know. I hate not being productive.


All 18+ so far

For the record, I would like to point out, I do not and will never condone rape, abuse, murder, or anything else I may write about that violates someone else's rights, body, property, etc. I write about them purely for the purposes of the enjoyment of myself or the reader. Feel free to analyze anything I write about through the lens of social justice if you wish, I'll probably agree with you on whatever problems are raised, and may even change some things. But ultimately it is what it is.

  • Leaving - Feel free to add, but read the first page. New characters are welcome, Kerry's branch is currently open because I don't know how to approach it, but if you want to edit or add on to anything else just ask first and I'll see if I like your idea better than what I had planned. I'm now also opening up Marie's branch. Feel free to add new branches to Marie's and fill out red links as you wish, though I may change some things later.
  • Global Anarchy - Work in progress. New characters welcome and I'd be happy to correspond on major details about the plot and different factions. Characters in countries other than the U.S. are especially welcome as I have no frame of reference for writing about other countries myself and I don't want to make a fool of myself trying. I'm not accepting additions to existing storylines at the moment, however, because I'm not very far in.
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