Global Anarchy

From Create Your Own Story

Nobody knows exactly what happened. When the first reports came through the news nobody believed it, it seemed like a joke. People thought it was some massive promotion for a movie or something and nobody wanted to fall into a panic like people did when War of the Worlds played on the radio for the first time.

Every world government vaporized? Who would believe that?

But it turned out to be true. Every world government had been vaporized. Not just the heads of the governments or even the individuals that made up those governments, but the associated government buildings, every scrap of documentation on how those governments worked, and most of the people who enforced the laws of those governments. Even digital copies of documents were erased.

Nobody stepped up to take responsibility and nobody knew how it happened.

Overnight the world became lawless, though few people believed it or took advantage of it right away. Whether you take advantage of it or not is up to you.

But who are you?

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