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Warning: My personal ideas and the inspiration for this cyoa are depressing, violent, and potentially all-around upsetting. The content I have in mind may include rape, sexual slavery, abuse, torture, mutilation, and even death/suicide. If you don't wish to read such content the safest thing to do would be to leave, otherwise the result of the choices being made should be fairly obvious. If you don't have a problem with any of that, then enjoy.

Who are you?

Marie Cis Girl
Janet Trans Girl
Name here Short description here

James Cis Guy
Kerry Trans Guy
Name here Short description here

Name here Short description here

Name here Short description here

Add more characters in the appropriate sections, anything goes as long as the premise of leaving/running away is met. You want to write about a dog running away from its master? Go for it. Keep the same linking format so we don't unintentionally cross over with another story. I would prefer no furry/anthro characters, but as long as you don't cross them over with non-furry storylines then whatever.

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