Hyde Road

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This is the story of Hyde Road.

The soft snow falls often on the narrow pass as it winds through the crags of the Harkfort Mountains. It is a cold and inhospitable place in the winter months but in the spring the ice melts and a more beautiful place is hard to find. It has its dark secrets; it is a private and unexplored place.

You can either choose to be Carla Yale, a struggling 26 year old journalist trying to find meaning in her life as she passes through her childhood town on her way to a job interview. Mistyhill Creek, a town at the foot of the ice-covered mountains, has too much history for her to forget, although the town has all but forgotten her.

Or Gavin Hart, a 32 year old man trying to escape a dark past that follows him like a shadow firmly fixed to his heels.

Can you survive the perils of Hyde Road, the winding mountain pass? Will the past of Mistyhill creek, the regret, the lust, the hope and passion trap you here with the allure that maybe you will get to see the mountains in the spring?

Are you:

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