Hyde Road - Carla Yale, 26 year old female

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Your name is Carla Yale. You are standing in the restroom of the small coffee shop as you touch up your make-up. You stare back at yourself in the mirror momentarily, you're 26 years old, and your shoulder length brown hair has a soft wave in it, you generally like to straighten it but in the moist air there is little point. You brush a gentle curl behind your ear and look into your bright blue eyes as you re-apply your eye liner.

You open your handbag and scrabble through it till you pull out your lip gloss, soft pink. You apply it to your bottom lip. As you purse them together, you admire yourself for a moment, your cute button nose, your perfect skin, your soft features and youthful radiance. You stand up straight, puffing up your busty chest, you are moderately tall for a woman and you straighten your blouse giving yourself a last once over in the mirror before grabbing your coat-dress and heading outside.

You head over to the counter and collect your latte which is now waiting for you, the steam reminding you of the cold weather blowing down off the mountain. The young man behind counter is involved with his mobile phone and hardly looks up as you grab the cup.

You grab a news paper off the rack as you sit down to sip on your drink, it's been a long drive so far and you just need to take a half hours break. You throw your coat dress over a chair near the window and sit down in the seat opposite it.

As you peruse the paper, the headline is Hart Escaped! Apparently some local man has escaped from prison, it's a small town story, reading on, he was some local sports star here in his youth but a DUI incident about 8 years ago had resulted in a death up the road on the Hyde road pass. You look up from the paper thinking back, you do recall the story, the judge had thought him to not be remorseful in the hearing and had given him the maximum sentence. There was quite a bit of disagreement between the locals about the sentence, the blue eyed boy of the town and potential super star in prison for 15 years, it was definitely the kind of thing that got a small town like this talking. You never knew him, he lived up one of the forest roads if you recall correctly.

You flip past the next few pages, there is blizzard warning on the third page. You glance out the window, the snow is definitely coming down thicker than it was when you pulled in here. It is good three hours drive through the mountains, you've done it a few times before and do know the road, but you can't help wonder whether it's perhaps not the best time to try and get through the pass this evening.

You glance up at the clock over the counter, 4:30. Maybe you should try find a room for the night?

Do you?

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