Wash her mouth out with cock for swearing

From Create Your Own Story

You move your hand from her shoulder to the back of her head, wrapping your fingers in her long black hair.

"I won't have you use language like that in front of me, Helena," you tell her firmly.

You pull her head towards your cock. She tries to turn her head away, futilely. You shove your cock up against her tightly closed lips.

"Open your mouth," you order her.

She looks up at you miserable, but something in your voice brings her up short. Slowly, she lets her mouth open. You immediately thrust your cock into it, causing her to raise her arms and flail them around futilely as her mouth envelops you.

You begin sliding your cock in and out of her mouth. Her hands grab onto your legs, trying weakly to push you away from her.

"Suck it, Helana," you tell her firmly. "I'll bet your father's is not the first cock you've had in your mouth, but he can be the first elsewhere if you don't comply."

Helena's eyes widen, but then she starts cooperating more with your motions. You suspect you were right; she has sucked cock before. That's something your wife was too prudish to do for you. And she's not bad at it. You feel yourself getting ready to cum after a minute of this.

Do you:

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