Tell her to stand up, turn around, and bend over

From Create Your Own Story

Helena gets to her feet, but takes a step back from you for a moment. "Dad, Please. I don't know why you're doing this, but you're going way too far..."

"I'm going exactly where I need to go," you argue. "So turn around and bend over."

Helena looks like she wants to run, but instead she stands there for a few seconds before slowly turning around and bending over.

You grab the skirt of her schoolgirl uniform. It's soft and plaid, and looks like she's died it a little, to make it look darker than it should be. You lift it up and lay it around her waist, exposing her ass and pussy to you.

"You can't do this," Helena tells you uncertainly. "You can't do sick stuff like this. I'll tell."

Do you:

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