Fuck Helena's pussy

From Create Your Own Story

"Who are you going to tell?" you whisper in her ear "Your mother? Your teachers? Everybody who knows you knows you are a liar. They won't believe a word you say?"

Helena tenses as she feels your rock hard cock at her slit "Please don't do this" she sobs "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for everything. I'll do better I will"

"I've heard that line before. I told you, everybody who knows you knows you are a liar"

"Dad, please don't. I'm still a virgin I swear."

The tip of your cock begins to slide in, you feel the warmth and moist of Helena's tight pussy inviting you in. Even if you were inclined to believe that she was still a virgin, your lust has overtaken you there is no turning back now. With a firm shove you bury your cock deep in her very tight pussy. Helena whimpers and apologizes as you fuck her pussy its not long before you feel yourself getting ready to come. You know Helena isn't on birth control and if you come inside of her she could get pregnant.

How do I proceed:

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