Suckle Callie's breasts while fingering her

From Create Your Own Story

You kiss from Callie's neck down to her chest as you caress her thighs and tease her slit. Callie's body shivers and she lets out a soft moan.

"If you liked that, you'll love this," you whisper. You take one of Callie's succulent nipples into your mouth and suckle. Callie instinctively wraps an arm around your head, hodling it in place. You slip first one, then two fingers inside her very tight box. You don't go deep enough to break the hymen. Callie quivers with delight and bites down on her lip to keep from crying out. When you begin softly teasing her clit with your thumb, you feel pulses of pleasure surge through her body.

"Oh my," Callie husks. You suckle harder and gently scissor your fingers within her. With your free arm you pull her tightly against you. In moments, Callie floods your hand with her honey. You unclamp your mouth from her breast and lick it off your fingers, then quickly dip your head to clean her thighs and slit with your tongue. When you finish, you lie next to her and smile.

"I love you, Callie," you murmur. "And you taste wonderful."

"What can I do in return?" Callie asks.

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