Ask Callie for a hand job

From Create Your Own Story

Since you used your fingers to get her off, you figure a handjob would even the score. "Use your hand and stroke me," you whisper.

Callie wraps her hand around your swollen pole. "Oh my," she murmurs. She starts to gently move her hand up and down, and you shiver. "Is it supposed to pulse and throb like this?"

You keep your voice low. "Yes, Callie. That means I'm responding to your touch."

Callie continues to slide her hand up and down, slowly at first but gradually increasing in speed. Waves of pleasure race through your body as you quiver. You let out a series of barely audible moans. Callie apparently rememberes some of what she saw in the magazine, because she puts her free hand between your legs and begins teasing your balls with her fingertips. "You like?" she purrs teasingly.

"Very... much..." you pant, making sure to keep your voice low. Your body tenses up, and you know what's coming. "Oh wow... Callie..."

You fire jet after jet of cum into the air. Callie's eyes widen as she sees it land on your chest and belly. Some of it falls back onto her hand, and she licks it off.

You both lie still for a moment, then you quickly clean up and re-dress. Callie does the same. You wrap one arm around her and rest her head on your chest. Just as the door opens, you say, "Callie, I love you. I'll make sure I always take care of you."

"What a sweet thing to say," comes your mom's voice. "Son, did you get your sister's mind off... that sick, perverted trash?"

"I do believe that right now she's no longer thinking lustful thoughts," you reply with a grin.

"Good," Mom responds. "Tomorrow's the party, so I'm taking Katie and Helena. Take good care of Callie, all right?"

"Absolutely," you nod.

The next day, after Mom takes your two youngest sisters out the door, Callie approaches you. "Hey, big brother. Can you help me with the same issue I had yesterday?"

You follow her into her room and you both strip down. "I sure can, sis."

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