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Stories that are suitable enough will be featured here. There will be some from each section. If you wish to submit a story for being featured, contact Magikarp7297, the Grand Master of Featured Stories, on his talk page.

Featured Family-Friendly Story

The Abandoned Story || 306 Pages || If you wish to edit, see discussion page & talk to me

Featured PG-13 Story

Crusader || 346 Pages ||
Avast! A Pirate Story || 189 Pages || Contact me before editing

Featured Mature Story

Escape from Syria || 194 Pages ||

The following has adult themes and languages.

Smutty Sex Romp || 18,277 Pages || (Public)-For experienced writers with a firm grasp of grammar and spelling only. Any contributions with poor grammar will be immediately deleted.
Rampage || 4,333 Pages || (Public)-but any contributions with poor grammer will be deleted.
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