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ONE SIMPLE RULE — In the spirit of keeping things easy, there will be only one rule: keep track of your Authority Points, which represent your degree of control over the crew of your ship. Authority Points will be needed on a regular basis to have your men obey you and to prevent mutinies.

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Smuggler's Bay is the place where the scum of the Caribbean Sea washes up: a port entirely populated by thieves, pirates, fugitives, beggars and prostitutes. The only form of order is the one enforced by the various criminal organizations that run the place, and this order is fragile indeed. Only the strong and the ruthless survive for any length of time: the others are found dead in dark back-alleys behind a seedy tavern or bordello.

For many years you have avoided this place like the plague. Yet today, you were apparently desperate enough to come here, because Smuggler's Bay is not only a city of vice and violence: it is also a city of opportunity. And it paid off, that's for sure. After gambling your last few possessions in a high-stakes card game against a drunken pirate captain by the name of Vasco, you earned your ticket to a better life... in the form of a fully-crewed galleon called Midnight. Ain't that lucky?

Of course, the ex-captain doesn't feel too lucky. He fiddles with his flintlock pistol thoughtfully, as if contemplating shooting himself... or you.

Kill him first

Offer him to stay as your first mate

Feel guilty and give him back the ship

Do nothing at all

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