Dirty Me/Take a peek at the screen

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You decide to take a peek at one of the viewers. Placing your forehead against the rest, your eyes focus on the screen.
Please insert 25¢ to start.

You go through and find one that has a name that doesn't make you want to gag completely.

You insert your quarter and the video starts playing.

"How do you like this?" the woman asks, while spreading her legs, showing off her pussy to her husband.

"Yes, do it for me," he states, watching her bring a glass dildo against her pussy.

He moves to the couch, watching her, and tries kissing her.

"No! You just get to watch," she scolds him. She pushes the dildo against her entrance, sliding it in all the way.

"Ohhh yeah," she moans, her eyes rolling back.

The man again moves next to her, putting his hand on her breast.


His face red from her slap, he yells at her, "what the hell was that about? You can't just sit there and let me watch. I am your husband, and will participate."

She looks at him. "Fuck you. You asshole. You watch and like it, or else fuck off."

His face turns red at her insult, and he grabs the dildo, now in her hand beside her, instead of in her hand inside her.

"Fine bitch. Then I will take this and you can fuck yourself with nothing!"

The two tug at the glass dildo from each end, trying to take it from the other. Lights flash around them, and suddenly everything goes dark.

The lights come back on, and the two are on the opposite side of the dildo from each other.

"What the hell is this?" The man shrieks. The woman just stares at the man in confusion.

Please insert 25¢ to continue

You look at the screen, realizing you only got to watch a couple minutes. You have a few more quarters, but you could get better stuff on the internet. Still, you also wonder what is going on with the man and woman.

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