Dirty Me/Steel yourself then go back in

From Create Your Own Story

Ugh, you think to yourself. I can't believe I did that.

After sitting in the car, trying to slow your breathing, slow your heartbeat, you open the door. It stands there, waiting for you to exit it, to place one foot on the ground, to get out.

Just breath. It's okay, you think to yourself.

Your heart continues to feel like it is trying to beat out of your chest. Your eyes burn, as you stare at the entrance, wondering if someone will follow you out.

No one is coming out. No one is following you. You probably scared them more than they scared you. Your thoughts continue to swirl in your head, seeing their faces look at you, seeing the man jump as you screamed. Oh god. This is so embarrassing.

More minutes pass, slowly, with nothing out of the ordinary happening. One new car arrives, a man getting out, walking in to the store, his efforts to not look around so obvious it is almost comical. Another man leaves, again avoiding looking around and making a beeline straight for his car. Of course. They don't want others to know that they are here either. This finally calms you enough to put one foot out, firmly onto the ground.

After breathing a few more deep breaths, and calming yourself enough, you swing your hips, placing a second foot on the ground outside the door. It's now or never, you stupid girl, you think to yourself, still berating your actions.

You step outside the car, breathing in the cool night air, closing the door firmly behind you.

Opening the front door, you are greeted by the same cashier.

"Umm, hello. Umm, can I, umm, help you?" He awkwardly asks, no recognition showing in his eyes.

Seriously, you think to yourself. I run out of here screaming, and he can't even remember who I am?

Not wanting to go through this again, you take out your ID, and let him check it. After verifying, he hands it back, and you leave for the back room immediately.

Looking around, you see two men in here, although the one that had originally been here appears to be gone. The man I saw leaving, you think. Odd though, the guy who was right next to me is still here. I thought he might have had a heart attack, me screaming and the look on his face as he jumped back.

You don't really want to start anything with the viewers, especially after your last embarrassing moment, so you decide to just watch a different video. Now, the only question is, should you go stand next to the man who you startled, or just find a viewscreen away from both? Then again, there are some very...interesting...outfits for sale in the front.

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