Dirty Me/Go see if there are any interesting outfits

From Create Your Own Story

You go back out to the front of the store, and notice the cashier just sitting in front of the cash register, seemingly oblivious to everything.

Not wanting to even try to talk to him, you decide to go exploring.

You first arrive at the dildos, looking at the different ones, some with eyes wide, wondering who would use them.

Some were normal. A dildo that looked like a real penis, complete with scrotum. A silicon dildo, curved to hit the g-spot during penetration. A dildo with an attached clitoral stimulator.

Others were not normal, but not that strange to me. A double headed dildo. A large dildo, that looked like it might be a bit painful, unless you were very loose.

Then, there were the truly bizarre ones. A large purple one with soft spikes sticking out of it. One that looked very strange, until you read the box, a gasp escaping from your lips. Who would use a wolf shaped dildo? you think to yourself. A glass dildo. Ouch, imagine if that broke. A dildo that looked like a tentacle. A dildo with Obama's face on it. A dildo that looks like a mouse. A dildo shaped like a gun. Wonder what would happen if I brought that into the bank with me, you think, silently chuckling to yourself.

Moving on, you start seeing the men's toys. Blow up dolls, and cock straps. Even a cock sock, or at least that is what it says. Looking at the picture, you see that the man slips it over his penis to cover it. I wonder if someone could be arrested for going out in that. It does cover the naughty bit, after all, you muse, trying to imagine a guy doing something like that. No matter how much, the image just wouldn't form.

You stop over by the BDSM area, looking over the assorted straps, suspension devices, handcuffs. I picked up a whip, imagining myself in a dominatrix outfit, using it to someone strapped up. Flicking it a couple times, the noise was loud, bringing the cashier out of his stupor.

"Hey, umm, you, umm. Please be, umm, careful." He finally concluded.

"I will be," I told him, voice pitches slightly higher, all cuteness and innocence.

I grasped the cord, then flicked the ends over my wrist. It stung a little, but didn't do much else. Maybe it only works when you use the whip properly. But how would I try on myself?

Giving up, I moved on to the section I was looking for. The clothes.

You look through the different outfits. There are horns and tails. Bunny ears and a bodysuit with a little rabbit tail in the back. A sexy little playboy bunny you guess.

There are mesh dressed and mess bikinis. Crotch-less bodysuits, in mesh and not.

There are even outfits you could imagine in the mall. Cute miniskirts and strapless dresses. Jeans and t-shirts. Low cut, v-neck blouses.

Even some you could imagine women wearing to the Grammys, the Emmys, but never in normal places. See through mesh with black cloth positioned in the exact right places to cover up the naughty bits, and that is about all. Mini dressedwith cover on the front and the back, but ripped holes all down the sides, showing from just below the armpit all the way down the thighs.

After looking through everything, you finally decide on one of two outfits.

The first is a pink lipstick, deep sea diver scuba dress. The sides are black, with pink in the middle, and a full zipper that goes all the way from the top to the bottom. The dress is absolutely lovely, if a bit short, and you would be able to use this with no problem, both in a naughty place like this, and just out on the street. With that zipper, you could go from modest to naughty very quickly, and even beyond when the time is right.

The second is pink lipstick, seamless open net tube dress. While you could wear this out in public also, you would need to also have something on underneath. It might cover the body, but would leave nothing to the imagination. Even mesh would cover better. With a nice pair of shorts, a tube top, this would be a great outfit. Or maybe even just a bikini.

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