Dirty Me/Remove your panties

From Create Your Own Story

A thrill runs through you as you watch the other car, trying to make out details in the dark. It is enjoyable, to have someone watching you with no names, no details. Just pure simplicity.

Turning your back to the car, you step away from your own car door, with the parking lot light illuminating you, and grasp the edge of your panties.

You stand there for a few seconds, naughty images running through your head, before pulling them down, bending over. Once they reach your ankles, you lift one foot, sliding them over and off, then the next, taking it as slowly as you can. You stand there, naked, closing your eyes, feeling the heat rise from the parking lot, the cooler air blow over your skin. Sweating, to have it blown away. You can still feel the eyes on you, almost like a physical presence. Pushing you. Exploring you.

You turn, taking your panties over to the car, letting the other person view your profile. You can imagine his eyes touching your nipples, hard from the night air and the thoughts swirling through your mind. Your firm breasts, hanging naturally, unconfined by clothes. Your tight stomach, nice and flat. Your round butt cheeks, sticking out just slightly compared to your back. Your shapely legs, muscles flexing as you walk back to your car.

Throwing them in, onto the rest of your clothes, you take the dress out of the bag. Holding it up, you walk back over to the light, enjoying the thrill of turning someone on. Your back towards the other car, you slip the dress over your shoulders, to hang loose about your body. Deciding that it is time, you turn, the light to your back, illuminating your shape, but probably making it difficult for the driver to see your naked skin through the shadows of the dress hanging loose on either side of you, you slowly zip it up, until it is firmly in place.

Going back to your car, you close the door, and decide what to do next. Anonymous fun. Now, you don't even need to go back into the back room. Maybe you could see who is in the car, and see if you want to do anything with him. You can always change your mind.

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