Dirty Me/Go over to the car to see if there is anything interesting

From Create Your Own Story

You walk towards the car, unzipping your dress a bit to show the inside swell of your breasts. As you get closer, you can see the drivers head swiveling, watching you. Even closer, you can see him better, his body, a little overweight, his face, a little puffy. His eyes watch you, peering out through thick rimmed glasses. His arm moving slightly.

As you step next to his car, you see beads of sweat on his forehead, slowly rolling down his face. You discover why his arm is moving. His penis is out, in his hands, as he masturbates while you watch. A little on the small side, he works it hard, hand wrapped around it, the skin moving up and down on his hard shaft.

He looks harmless, like someone you would expect to find in mom's basement. Not someone to turn you on, but the situation is doing that for you.

You tap gently on the window. He rolls it down with one hand, the other still busy.

"Need some help there?" You ask him, licking your lips.

He looks at you, his hand completely stopping, as if you might be an angel, sent to him, or a devil, sent to destroy him. It is hard to tell.

"Would you open the door please?" You whisper, afraid you will scare him with anything much louder.

"Umm, sure," he states, voice a little squeeky. He takes his hand off his penis and opens the door, trying to step out.

While you have no interest in touching his penis, it seems he is not that comfortable around women, and it would be fun to have him pleasure you. Then again, you are not even sure if you want his face between your legs. It might be better to just give him a show.

"It looks like you need some help. I would like to..."

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