Dirty Me/masturbate for you

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"It looks like you need some help. I would like to masturbate for you," you tell him, almost laughing at the sudden expression on his face. It looks almost comical.

You take his free hand and pull him out of the car. Moving him until you are right next to the hood, you pull him up against you, trapping his hand holding his penis between both of your bodies.

"Now, you control yourself. If you try anything funny, I know how to hurt you," you tell him as you reach between your bodies and grab his scrotum, giving it a slight tug.

"Y-y-yes maam," he replies, eyes going wide.

Rubbing your hand on your dress, wishing you had something to wash it off with, you settle onto the hood of the car.

Pulling the bottom of your dress up just enough to reach your pussy, you notice it is still too dark for him to see your pussy, just to see your hand and know where it is.

You think about it briefly, wondering if it may be better to let him see the action, but not your actual pussy, you decide that if you are going to do this, you should do it right.

Reaching up, you unzip your dress the rest of the way, shifting around to pull it all behind you. His eyes roam over your body, examining your lips, your breasts, your stomach. His eyes eventually move down to your fingers, now pressed against your pussy. His breathing speeds up rapidly, and his hand involuntarily pumps his hard penis faster. Before you even start, you see his eyes close, and look down to see cum dripping off the tip, splashed against the side of the car, and moistening the dirt.

You bite your tongue to keep from laughing and try to put on your most serious expression.

"Now, that isn't fair. I haven't even started, and you are finished." You look at his hand, no longer on his penis. "I know you are sensitive right now, but don't you dare stop until I am done." You throw in a glare for good measure.

"Y-y-yes maam," he replies, his hand going back to his penis, stroking it awkwardly.

You stifle another giggle, wondering if this guy is afraid of you. You have met guys that are afraid of real women, but that doesn't mean you find it any less funny.

"Good boy," you tell him, taking your hand off your pussy. Sticking two fingers inside your mouth, you suck on them, throwing him shy little looks. His mouth pops open involuntarily, as if he is about to suck on those very same fingers. Your other hand grabs your left breast, squeezing it slightly, shifting his focus. Your fingers move inward, pinching your nipple between thumb and pointer finger while you continue sucking on the fingers of your other hand.

Take your fingers out, you place them against your pussy opening, watching him follow them down. His eyes bounce back and forth, between breasts and pussy, watching what your fingers are doing.

Noting that, with the bad lighting in the parking lot, he still would not be able to make out details, you pull your legs up onto the hood, instead of dangling down the side. The hood, so warm on your ass, warms you even further as you lay back. Bending your legs at the knees, you spread your legs as wide as you comfortably can. His eyes lock on to your pussy and do not seem to be able to look away.

Sweat starts to trickle down you from the warmth of the hood as you place your hand against your pussy again. Your hand covers it, pressed firmly against the lips, and you start massaging the out lips with a slight upward and inward motion. You watch his face contort as he cums again.

"Don't stop," you tell him firmly, causing him to look you in the eye briefly, before lowering his eyes again and watching what your hand is doing. Much to your delight, he obeys you, continuing to stroke his penis.

While he is not at all your type, it is fun to have guys who will do whatever you ask.

Continuing to massage your labia, you start pushing harder as you stroke upward. Your fingers, starting to get wet, push in deeper, soon penetrating your pussy. You push them firmly inside and leave them there while you move your other hand down, exploring the top of your pussy, finding your clit, and slowly massaging it.

Your fingers start moving again, thrusting inside your pussy slowly, then pulling back out. You speed up your clit massage, rubbing in in tight circles, pushing it harder, as your fingers thrust faster, pushing in as deeply as they can reach. You hear your pants in your own ears, your breath becoming more labored, as you work your pussy and clit harder.

A moan escapes your throat as you lose yourself in the building pleasure. Soon the moans because words.

"Oh yes."



Your fingers cramp as they work furiously, but do not stop. Your fingers plunging into your pussy stop and start randomly as you lose focus, your fingers working your clit rubbing harder, pushing it and grinding it against your pelvic bone.

"Oh yes!"

"Oh God!"

"More. More. More!"

You scream out, feeling your pussy tighten around your fingers, feeling your mind let go as bliss washes over you. You lay there, shuddering against the hood of this strangers car as your mind is lost to the sensations running through your body.

Finally, you come to, remembering where you are. You look between your legs and find the strange guy standing, completely transfixed and unmoving, staring at you. At your pussy.

You sit up on the hood of the car, looking at his eyes, eyes which do not move from your uncovered pussy.

Pushing him back, you get off the hood, zipping your dress back up. He finally responds, staring into your eyes as if he can't understand what he is looking at.

You giggle, then give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Was it good for you?" You giggle again as his mouth drops open and he stands there speechless. You walk over to your car, feeling his eyes on you still, and reach for the door.

As you pull on the handle, you realize, you stupidly left your car keys in your pants, locked inside the car.

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