Dirty Me/Pass the pipe

From Create Your Own Story

You pass the pipe, realizing what you almost did. Your friend spots you, and also realizes what almost happened.

"Oh, sorry sweety. I forgot to warn them." She replies, not seeming sorry at all.

"Warn about what?" one of the others asks, curiosity peaked.

Your friend answers him. "Sorry, not for me to tell. Do you want to tell them?"

You shrug, realizing it doesn't matter if they know. Maybe it will help keep you from being tempted. And you are very tempted.

"I ended up on probation for drugs. I had a thing for powders." You looked pointedly at the girl who was snorting the coke. "I ended up in a lot of trouble, and am still on probation for it."

The girl looks at you, then holds the mirror with the lines of coke already prepared. "You can have some if you want." She seems oblivious to the sudden silence around you.

You find your mouth watering, for just a little. You can remember the slight burning in your nose. The Dr. Pepper to wash down the drip as it runs down the back of your throat. You find yourself tempted. Too tempted.

Maybe, just one. I just took my drug test, and it should be gone by the time I have the next one, you think. Besides, it is a party, and it's not like I will suddenly lose control.

You see the white powder, sitting there, glittering before you. The lines, perfectly chopped, inviting. You can imagine the sense of energy rushing through your body, the euphoria. How well it always made you feel. Your eyes are glued to it, watching it. The glistening white powder calls to you, looking so pure, so pristine. Like glorious, wonderful snow.

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