Dirty Me/You miss it so much, and it is a party

From Create Your Own Story

You take the mirror from her, hands slightly shaking. Your friend looks at you quizzically.

"Are you sure?" She asks you.

"It's fine," you inform her. "It is a party after all, and I won't have another drug test for about three months."

"But," she starts.

Interrupting her, you tell her, "It will be fine. Just a little. Let's just have fun."

She gives up, dropping the subject. You have the feeling she didn't really care anyways. That she was just putting on a show for 'friendship's' sake.

"You, have anything, you know, to..." You trail off as she hands you her small, copper pipe.

"Thank you," you tell her as you balance the mirror in one hand, leaving the other to hold the straw like pipe.

She takes the mirror from you. "Here, let me help with that."

"Sure, thanks," you say to her, looking in her eyes, realizing how attractive she is. You get the feeling she is flirting with you.

You put the copper straw up one nostril while you plug the other nostril. Moving down the line, you suck air through your nostril, watching the cocaine disappear as you snort it.

Soon, you have the entire line snorted, and feel the burning in your nose. Throwing your head back, you hold her copper straw like thing out as you pinch your nose shut, breathing through your mouth, and feel the bite of the cocaine. A "Hwaa" sound leaves your lips as you feel the bitter cocaine start to drip down the back of your throat.

You lower your head and see the girl who offered you the cocaine now offering you a soda.

"Thanks," you again mumble, feeling the blood start pounding in your ears, as the whole world starts to slow down, and your head starts to feel light, good, blissful.

You feel energy surge through you as the effects kick in, and everyone with you and your friend lets out a "Whoop".

"Yeah, party!"

"Go girl, go girl, go girl!"

You realize these guys, and girl, are about the same age. You are used to people older hanging out with you. Normally much older. Yet, you are being accepted. It thrills you.

You hear the music, a pounding rhythm, deep inside you. You feel the urge to do something.

You start swaying to the music, the dancing. Some of the guys watch you in fascination, and you see the girl also watching you. You can see her admiring you.

You decide you want to dance with someone, to use up this energy building in you. You feel like you are on fire, and feel the sweat on your brow. Not a bad fire, but like you are a flame, attracting the others to you. You decide to approach one of the others to dance with you. To join you in life, in pleasure, in the entwining of limbs and the grinding of hips and pelvises.

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