Dirty Me/No, I better not drink

From Create Your Own Story

"Sorry," you tell him, "but I have had a...history...with drugs and alcohol. I better not."

He looks disappointed, but does not press further. It seems though he lost interest in you since you didn't want to have a drink with him, for soon he makes an excuse and finds someone else to talk to.

Better off I guess, you think to yourself. Looks like he just wanted to get me drunk.

"Hey there," your says, almost in your ear. "Why are you sitting here alone? Come, join me." You can smell alcohol on her breath, see her red eyes, bloodshot. It looks like she is pretty close to being baked on marijuana, and has enjoyed more than one drink.

"Where are we going?" You ask her.

"I am just having some fun with a few friends," she informs you. Well, you do trust her, and she knows you don't use anymore, and knows why, so she won't pressure you. Sadly, the party has been boring until now, with no one else talking to you, so you decide to go join her and her friends. "Sure, lets go."

She jumps a little with joy, and grabs your hand, half dragging you out back.

As you look around, you notice this party seems to be wild. People doing lines of coke, smoking some, at least from the smell of it, good skunk bud. Drunk people nuzzling each other. A few other girls that removed their tops. One couple is even having sex.

She leads you over to her friends, who seem to be getting rather high.

"Hey, who is your friend," one of them calls to her.

"Let me introduce everyone." She gives everyone's name, and gives your name to everyone.

You start to talk a little to the others, and soon, a pipe is being passed around. The guy next to you hands it to you. You are not sure what to do with it. Old habits rear up, as you bring it to your lips, stopping just short of taking a drag. You promised yourself you wouldn't do this. What am I thinking? Am I even thinking?

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