Dirty Me/I want to show myself off

From Create Your Own Story

You put on your flowered summer dress and go out. It seems today is rather windy, and the wind is enough to kick up the occasional dust devil, but is not constantly blowing. The dress is one of your favorites for this type of activity, since it has the tendency to lift in the wind.

You also don't wear a bra or panties.

You find yourself walking down the big street, with cars passing in a steady stream. The wind curls around, under your dress, tugging it up slightly, showing your ass to the passing cars.

Off to the side, you spot an open lot, empty of anything but dirt. As you stop, you see that little dust devils occasionally blow through, creating funnels of air and dirt and dust.

You have always liked these little dust devils, but you don't know why. Ever since you were a little girl, you would run into them and let them swirl around you, like little, living wind creatures.

Although you haven't done it in a while, you get the sudden urge to go step inside these blowing little monsters.

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