Dirty Me/Go play in the dust devil

From Create Your Own Story

You decide that you are never too old to enjoy the things that you did when you were little.

Moving onto the empty lot, you wait until a nice dust devil comes through. You don't have to wait long.

You feel the wind pick up around you, then see the little bits of dirt flying in a circle.

Closing your eyes, you let the wind engulf you, devouring you.

Your dress lifts up, then pulls back down, then lifts again.

Arms out to the sides, you close your eyes, to keep dirt from getting in your eyes, and you feel the pieces of dirt hit your skin, little nips, like an exfoliating treatment, scouring away the dead skin.

Your dress catches the wind again, and you feel the bottom, bunching up around your armpits. The wind caresses your legs, your ass, exploring between your legs. You can feel it stroking your pussy, bringing a delighted gasp to your lips, as you stand there, exposed to any passersby.

You feel one breast slip free, feel the wind blow across your exposed nipple, the bits of dirt stimulating it, sending waves of tingles through you.

It lasts a short time, before moving away, dissipating, letting your dress fall back almost into place, one side clinging slightly to your ass cheek, leaving it higher than it should be, no longer held up by the winds soft embrace.

You wipe away any dirt on your eyelids, then open your eyes.

In the distance, you see two young boys walking away, in their early teens, rather quickly. Almost like they are in a hurry to be away from here for some reason.

You walk back over to the sidewalk, almost disappointed as the dress settles back down completely.

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