Dirty Me/I am 18, too old to play in these

From Create Your Own Story

You start skipping and running away from the lot, enjoying the way your dress floats up, almost weightless, then back down. Excitement runs through you, causing your skin to flush, and sending tingles all over you, like little electric arcs flowing over your skin and through you body.

Unfortunately, today is rather hot. Soon you find yourself have to slow down, to walk. While a breeze sometimes moves across your skin, it is hot, like an oven, doing little to cool you down.

Sweat slides down your back, rolls into your eyes, causing your eyes to burn from the salty touch.

Down the street, you see a convenience store, and think about a nice, cold drink, sliding down your throat, parching your growing thirst. Fortunately, you thought to bring some money with you, stuffed into the side of your shoe.

With a burst of energy at the thought, you run towards the store, the dress doing as the dress does, showing your ass off to the passing cars time to time.


The horn startles you, causing you to jump slightly, much to the enjoyment of the two guys in the from seat of the car passing you.

They slow down, letting out a piercing wolf whistle. Pleased that they like what they see, you lift the bottom off your dress, exposing your ass in the back, and the thin strip of fur in the front. You are rewarded with a loud "Whooo!" as they drive by. You almost wish they would stop. They were cute, and you enjoy being looked at. Well, as long as it isn't by a prude, or the police.

You go into the convenience store, greeted by cool air conditioning. The temperature difference shocks your body, and your nipples harden almost instantly.

Well, no hiding that, you think to yourself, aware of the cashiers eyes on you.

You go to the back, looking over the selection, and notice a man there, about mid thirties, grabbing himself a beer.

You notice two things that look very refreshing, but cannot quite decide which to get.

There is the Pepsi, right in front of you, easy to grab, but the green tea looks especially good with your parched throat.

Unfortunately, the tea is in the bottom row, and you know you will need to bend over or squat down, and you don't know if you feel entirely comfortable with the idea that this guy buying the beer might see you, and what you are not wearing.

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