Dirty Me/I normally don't dream

From Create Your Own Story

You fall asleep, possibly dreaming, but unsure.

An uncomfortable feeling intrudes on your sleep.

You slowly start to wake up, when the car suddenly hits a bump.

The uncomfortable feeling gets worse, waking you up complete.

"Dad, dad! Is there somewhere we can stop?" You say frantically.

He glances at you in his rear view mirror.

"Not right now. What's wrong?" His brow crinkles in slight worry.

"I really, really need to pee!" You blurt out.

He looks out the front window for a couple of moments, then replies. "Sorry, we can't stop here, and I don't think you would like going behind a bush anymore. There should be a stop in about 5 minutes though, if you can hold it. Is that ok?"

Your hands float down your front and over your pants. "Can't we stop now? I really need to go."

He looks at your mom.

"Well dear, if you can't hold it, you could always use this bottle." She hands you an empty soda bottle. "Sorry, the road here really is too narrow and there are no turnoffs."

You look at the bottle in horror. Peeing in a bottle? In the car with your parents? Eww. No way.

"I will try to hold it," you state.

For the next few minutes, all your focus is on not peeing yourself.

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