Dirty Me/I love Pepsi

From Create Your Own Story

Deciding that you would really like the Pepsi, or maybe that you don't want this old man seeing you if he turns around, you grab the bottle and move to the cash register. The old guy buys his beer and leaves, leaving you alone with the cashier.

The cashier is cute, in his early 20s, with dreamy blue eyes and slightly messy brown hair.

"Is that all for you today miss?" He inquires, eyes glancing down at your excited nipples before quickly moving back to your face.

"Yes," you respond, looking him over. "It is so hot today."

He rings the register and gives you the total.

"Just a second, I need to get my money," you tell him.

You turn sideways, bending down and getting the money out of the side of your shoe.

The counter, only about wast high, does not do much to obscure the view.

As you bend down, you can feel your dress lift up, exposing your lower body. From his angle, he gets a perfect view of your right ass cheek as the dress lifts up and shows it off.

Out of the corner of your eye, you can see him watching intently, his eyes glued to you.

As you stand back up, he quickly checks the register.

Leaning over to hand him the money, you place both arms on the counter, bending down, causing your dress to open. As he takes the money, he stops, as if hypnotized. His eyes look at your breasts, exposed through the top of the dress. He stands there, statue like, as you hold out the money for him. Time slowly creeps on, and you realize that he doesn't even seem to know what he is doing.

Clearing your throat, you wiggle the money in front of him.

"Oh. S-s-s-orry miss," he stutters out as a blush creeps over his face. He realizes that you both know exactly what he was doing.

You wink at him, softly telling him it is no problem.

You grab your change, and move to the door, feeling his eyes locked on you still.

Since you have no pockets, you bend over again to put the change in your shoes. Your dress rises up again, and this time, he gets a perfect flash of your ass and pussy, squeezed slightly between your legs.

You stay there for a few seconds, knowing he is delighting in the sight, until it is finally time to move on. After all, you don't want to make it completely obvious that you want to show off.

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