Dirty Me/The park sounds fun

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to go to the park because, hey, swinging is still fun. Why should only little kids be allowed to play there?

When you arrive, you notice a family sitting on a blanket on the grass, enjoying a nice family picnic. While this ruins the thought of swinging, you instead decide to enjoy yourself in a slightly different way.

The kids run off to play on the swings and slides, the man and wife staying on the blanket and watching them as they play. You find a picnic table that faces the man, with his wife's back to you, and is hidden from the playground itself.

You spread your legs legs, making sure that your dress is pulled tight between your legs so it will not fall between your legs and obscure the view. At first, the man doesn't notice you, but after a while he starts casting looks time to time.

Laying your head back on the table, you rub your leg, pulling your dress higher along your thigh. When you look back over, he is looking directly at you, directly between your legs. It seems you finally got his attention.

His wife watches the kids for a while as he stares intently at your pussy. Eventually, she turns back to him, saying something. When he doesn't look at her, but instead keeps his eyes fixed on you, she starts looking around.

You bring your phone up and snap your legs shut just in time, for the next instant she is also staring at you. You glance up again, and notice the couple seems to be having a rather heated discussion. Maybe they are arguing. It honestly doesn't matter, because it seems like now might be a good time to move on.

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