Dirty Me/I'm just a girl

From Create Your Own Story

A shadowy shape takes you, stripping away your clothes as you stand there, mesmerized.

Shadowy hands unzip your skirt, unclasping the top. Your skirt falls to the floor, unbound, showing off your long, shapely legs, and your red, lacy panties.

Your shirt is pulled up, inching its way along your skin, more and more showing, exposing your stomach, your belly button. It pulls up further, outlining your ribs, slowly uncovering your bra.

It is pulled higher still, over your breasts, trapped in your red, lace bra, as you hold your arms up, the motion squeezing your breasts together slightly.

It is pulled over your arms, over your head, trapping you for a brief instant before coming off, freeing up your arms again, letting your red hair fall free to settle back on your shoulders and cascade down your back, ending right in the middle.

A shadowy hand gropes at your panties, grasping the edges, pulling them down, to fall around your feet. You step up, one foot, then the other, letting your panties fall to the floor.

You feel shadowy hands grasp your bra clasp, undoing it, sliding the straps down your arms.

You breath deep as it is slid off the rest of the way, freeing your breasts. Your nipples harden slightly, exposed to the open air, excitement creeping through you.

You now stand in front of your shadowy lover, clothed in stockings and shoes, and a smile.

Your pussy moistens, thrills running through you. You know your shadow lover is perfect. It's soft touch, caressing your skin like silk and satin. Its loving lips, worshiping your body with kisses all over. Its sure hands, knowing how to touch you in, ohhh, all the right places. You long to be touched in just the right places.

He pokes you.

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