Dirty Me/Ignore it

From Create Your Own Story

You stumble back slightly, your mind confused by the sudden, random poke.

It is quickly forgotten as you feel his hands roam over your legs, sparks of electricity pouring from his touch. You want to feel your shadow lover's soft lips back on you. You want to feel your shadow lover in you.

It pokes you again.

You look at it, wonder what is going on, why it is poking you, when your brow furrows.

Where are you?

Who is this?

Confusion grips you. Something is not right. You look around, the area close to you light, able to see a shadow, your lover, but nothing except darkness beyond.

A shadow? Why can't you see its face?

Why can't you tell if it is a boy or girl?

Your mind races, wondering what is going on.

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