Dirty Me/Finally back in the city

From Create Your Own Story

We stayed in the mountains, by the lake, for two weeks.

Your phone was dead by the end of the first day, and since the trees don't come with plug ins, that was that.

You and your parents sat around the campfire at night, and you tried to find something to do during the day.

It was so boring.

But, your mind kept returning to what you saw in the restroom.

The rest stop bathroom got your mind racing.

See, you had always heard of glory holes, but honestly never thought of them. You always hear whispers about gays going to the "bath house" or the adult video stores, but, as stated before, had never thought about them. This put it first and foremost in your mind.

You know the usual areas they are rumored to be found and decide you really want to try one. The thought of being some willing mouth on the other side, of not knowing who it is, for some reason makes it seem that much more exciting.

Now, you need to figure out where to go.

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