Dirty Me/The park

From Create Your Own Story

You check around, especially where all the rumors said all the delicious, deviant activity took place, and eventually decide to go to this park you have heard about.

You wear a short skirt and your favorite sweater. They make a sexy combination, demure on top and a little slutty on bottom. The boys always seem to drool over it.

You walk over to the men's side of the restrooms and take a look around. You are so nervous that it feels like your heart is about to explode.

Almost chickening out right then and there, you stuck my head in. Damn, what is it about men's public restrooms and the smell! You feel like you might throw up before you can even go in.

After sticking your head in and seeing that no one was in there, you go inside and open one of the stalls. There are only two stalls, but you notice that it appears the rumors are right. There, about waist level, is a hole.

However, it seems no one else is in there, but what else do you expect.

After alternating between holding your nose, thoughts of "what the hell am I doing", and thoughts of Bob, you start getting used to the smell and, safely hidden behind the stall door, start getting turned on.

You slip off your panties and start running your fingers through your soft pubic hair. Breath quickening, you move my hand lower and rub the outside of your pussy. Fear forgotten in a wash of desire, you imagine a penis poking through the hole, imagine yourself getting on your knees to lick it, suck it, tease it with your hands and mouth.

You kneel down in front of it, engrossed in your imaginings.

Getting wetter and wetter, you move your fingers inside your lips, caressing your clit and pushing your fingertips past the soft lips and inside slightly. You are now thoroughly wet, but have nothing with you in there to pleasure yourself with other than your own hands. You put your other hand next to your mouth, leaning against the wall, your finger lined up with the hole, and start sucking on it, imagining it is something else.

Your vision glosses over, loosing yourself to the sensations of what your hands are doing, plunging your fingers deep within your pussy and vigorously rubbing your clit, as your mouth sucks on your finger, working it in and out. Your moans rise louder and louder without you realizing it, probably being heard by anyone near the restroom, but no one came in to investigate.

You finally left, feeling both relieved, and longing for more. Although you feel like you want to try it, you are not sure if you would be able to do it if someone else had actually been in there. Would you chicken out if you saw something come through the hole?

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