Dirty Me/Dream of your first time

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You find yourself drifting off to sleep, dreaming about the first time you had sex.

Like normal family get-togethers, it was rather boring. Watch the boys play pool, maybe try it out a little. Maybe some horseshoes. Big meals set out with the old generations catching up, swapping stories, reminiscing. Unfortunately, you are a little old to enjoy yourself, running around in the grass, playing in the trees, and a little young to be swapping old stories.
You grabbed your cousin, he and you had always been close, and decided you would go exploring. You went out to the field, wandering through weeds and other plants almost as tall as you were, then came to the old house your great grandma lived in before it burnt down. Poking around for lost treasures, or heirlooms, or something to keep you interested, both of you eventually found nothing but boredom.
You moved out from there, going down some of the trails and exploring the woods around the area.
That's when it happened. You two started talking, you asking him about girls, him asking you about boys. He mused, wondering what it was like to kiss a girl. You politely reminded him that you were a girl. You didn't really factor in the fact that you were cousins, you just understood, he was a boy and you were a girl, and both of you had always felt more like friends than cousins, so the thought of your family tree never entered your minds.
You and him closed your eyes and pressed your lips together. After all, isn't that how you kiss in the movies? While this wasn't your first kiss, it was his. You stood there, lips pressed against lips, for a few moments before separating.
"I have seen pictures of a different kind of kiss, where you open your mouth and stick your tongue in the other person's mouth," you say, remembering the pictures.
He was skeptical of this, but you two decided to try it. It was probably the most awkward kiss anyone could ever imagine. You both opened your mouths wide, then pushed your tongues into each other's mouths. You licked each others tongues, the inside of each others mouths.
"Your mouth tastes strange," your cousin states.
You started to get very tingly, feeling all out of sorts, like you did when you went out for your naked strolls. You pulled him back to your face, put your tongue back in his mouth.
"You taste different now. It makes me feel odd," your cousin states almost breathlessly.
As you would discover later, when passion kicks in and lust arises, you can actually taste it on the other person's breath. He was tasting your lust and desire.
You moved your head away from him and looked at him.
"So, did you like kissing a girl?" You ask him, almost shyly.
"I am not sure. It makes me feel odd. Both good and sort of strange at the same time," comes his hesitant reply.
"I feel funny too," you state, as your body tingles all over.
You two talked about the kiss, and tried it a couple more times, mouths both open and closed.
"I sometimes feel the same way when I do something else," you tell him, thinking about how you would take off your clothes and run around the neighborhood.
"Like what?" He asks, puzzlement etched on his face.
So, you told him about your naked walks, how you tingled, how it made you feel quivery, made you excited and scared at the same time. How you would get tingles between your legs. He surprised you with a new question.
"So, what does a girl look like? I have never seen a girl with no clothes. Not a real girl," he states, his breathing picking up noticeably.
You giggled, then asked if he wanted to see you. At first he seemed to hesitate, but finally agreed that he would like to see that.
"Not fair. You have to take yours off too," you scold him, frowning until he agrees.
So, you decided to show each other what was under your clothes. Being young, there were no sexy shows, no casual slip of the shoulder, turning of the back while the shirt came off. You simply undressed.
You stood there, naked in front of each other, looking over each other. While you had some experience, he had none. You helped guide him. You noticed right away his penis was completely stiff. He looked like he was ready to pop. You brought his hand to your breasts, already a solid B cup, and let him feel them. His hands ran over them completely, cupping them, squeezing them, playing with the nipples a little.
"One time, me and a boy were together, looking at his sisters magazine. It showed a boy putting his thing inside the girl," you tell him, another tingle coursing through your body.
"How?" He asks.
You sat down on the side of the trail, your ass in the weeds, and spread your legs.
"See, you put yours in here." You demonstrated by poking your finger into your pussy.
You both decided to try it out. Each of you wiggled around, trying to figure out how to get his penis inside your pussy. He moved this way and that way, and eventually you got it right. His penis slipped into your pussy, with some slight pain. He moved back and forth, trying to thrust immediately, but it hurt you, making him slow down. Eventually, you were able to get it all the way in, and you let him go at his pace. Blood seeped out slightly, but you were used to this, since you had started your period a year or more earlier. Little did you realize, the slight pain, and the blood, this time meant more than normal. This time, your hymen was broken. You were indeed no longer a virgin, and neither was he.
It only took him a minute or so before he came, directly in your pussy. He stood back up, and both of you got dressed, then headed back to the gathering.

An uncomfortable feeling intrudes on your sleep.

You slowly start to wake up, when the car suddenly hits a bump.

The uncomfortable feeling gets worse, waking you up complete.

"Dad, dad! Is there somewhere we can stop?" You say frantically.

He glances at you in his rear view mirror.

"Not right now. What's wrong?" His brow crinkles in slight worry.

"I really, really need to pee!" You blurt out.

He looks out the front window for a couple of moments, then replies. "Sorry, we can't stop here, and I don't think you would like going behind a bush anymore. There should be a stop in about 5 minutes though, if you can hold it. Is that ok?"

Your hands float down your front and over your pants. "Can't we stop now? I really need to go."

He looks at your mom.

"Well dear, if you can't hold it, you could always use this bottle." She hands you an empty soda bottle. "Sorry, the road here really is too narrow and there are no turnoffs."

You look at the bottle in horror. Peeing in a bottle? In the car with your parents? Eww. No way.

"I will try to hold it," you state.

For the next few minutes, all your focus is on not peeing your pants.

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