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You shake your head yes.

"Just remember," he whispers breathlessly into your ear, "Just shake your head no if you want to stop at any point." You can hear the excitement in his voice. He might like to keep you for his own, but there is no doubt that he enjoys the idea of watching you have sex with others. How many others, you silently wonder to yourself.

He then leaves you, standing there, naked, for the next stage of play.

He goes downstairs to meet up with some friends, then brings them up. He then leaves again a few more times to pick up more friends. Now, you do not know who his "friends" are, they could have been guys, girls, young, old, attractive, ugly. It doesn't matter. That is part of the play, that you have no idea who the people using you are. At least you don't have to worry. Since you know he still hopes that someday you might say yes to him, you know he won't invite anyone over that will hurt you, or give you an STI.

As per the rules, no one touches you. You can bet they were saying many wickedly naughty things about you, and it wouldn't matter since you cannot hear them, looking you over, eyes probing every part of your naked body, but they do not touch. Eventually, your lover comes up to you and removes the headphones.

"One last time before we start. Are you sure you want to do this? Are you absolutely sure?"

You shake your head yes.

"Ok, we are starting. Please remember to shake your head no if you want to stop for any reason. I will watch to make sure all the rules are followed."

You stand there, the minutes dragging out, wondering what is going on, why isn't anyone doing anything.

Suddenly a hand caresses your left ass cheek. It was so unexpected you almost jump. You would have squeaked, or screamed, or something, if not for the gag in your mouth. Your heart is racing as if I have ran a hundred miles.

Then, another hand grabs your right breast. Jump, but this time less, since you have some connection to the world again through the hand playing with your ass.

You suddenly feel hot breath on your neck from the left side, followed by kisses on your cheek, a tongue occasionally licking your cheek. The person moves down, kissing your neck, then nipping slightly. It is not painful, more ticklish, and it drives you both wild with lust and with the sudden urge to laugh.

You left nipple is grabbed, and you feel hands moving down your belly towards your fur. Suddenly, the hand caressing your ass cheek disappears, and another hand shows up between your thighs.

The hand between your thighs moves up and the owner starts probing your pussy, moving your outer lips aside so his fingers can move further within you. By now you are getting very wet, as his hand plays with you.

You can feel his fingers pushing into you, out of you, back into you, trying to push deeper, go further, as if he is trying to map your entire pussy with his touch. It is intoxicating, it is violating, it is dirty and exciting. You start shaking like a leaf blowing in the wind.

All the hands leave you instantly, and you are left suddenly without this limited, outside world connection. It feels like being abandoned suddenly, with no one in the world.

The headphones again come off your left ear a couple minutes later and your lover whispers, "Are you ok?"

You shake your head up and down violently, wanting to make sure he knows you are fine, you are ready, you want to continue.

"You are shaking though. Are you sure you are ok?"

You are shaking because it is overwhelming. Not being able to see, to hear, to do anything but smell and feel helps enhance the smell and makes you notice the sensations of touch even more. In some ways, it almost feels like too much, but in other ways, it is intoxicating, enthralling. Every touch feels like a violation, every touch feels like the most exquisite caress.

Again you shake your head up and down frantically. He places the headphones back over your ears.

It takes a couple more minutes until you are touched again, but this time it is not a caress, a kiss, a fondle. This time it is a slight push to the back.

You start moving forward, as the touch seems to indicate, slowly, since you are afraid you will fall down since your balance is already so tenuous.

Suddenly, you are embraced by someone from behind, his hands wrapping around your torso, like he is about to give you a hug, his hands just below your breasts.

You are lifted into the air. You are not sure if you are moving to slowly for his taste, or if he is worried you might fall over, but he decides to carry you over to a couch in the room.

You are set back down and the hands leave you. Now someone is pushing you forward by both shoulders. Not a light push, but one that makes you move forward until suddenly you run into something. It is slightly lower than waist high, and you guess it is the couch. He keeps pushing, forcing you to bend over it, so your ass is above your head and your face is laying against the cool leather. While it is slightly awkward, and makes it a little harder to breath, it is not a horrible position.

Again, the hands disappear, and you are left there, feeling the leather against your breasts and face, your ass and pussy exposed to everyone in the room, propped up on the back of the couch.

Suddenly, you feel a hand, covered in slick, oily lubricant, working its way between your ass cheeks and then down to your pussy.

A penis starts pushing between your ass cheeks, while hands grab each cheek and spreads your ass wide.

The head hits your rectum and pushed. You panic slightly. This is the first thing to be done? I'm not ready! I want to be played with more, to have my pussy filled.

Even with the lube it is a bit painful, and the penis is being pushed forcefully, as if he wants to be in you right now, no matter what. You would cry out, but am unable. You want to shriek, "Slow down asshole!", or maybe "Get the fuck away from me", but can only scream it in your mind. You almost start shaking your head to signal you are done when his penis slides all the way in.

Your mind reels in semi-agony, semi-lust, and you want nothing more than to shit that penis back out. Then he starts pumping you, and the longer he goes, the less it hurts. The pain, receding back, is replaced by a sense of utter intimacy, utter violation. I can really 'feel' him. You can feel every single thrust, can tell exactly how deep inside you he is. It is wild and oh so dirty.

After a few minutes, he cums. You can feel his cum spurting inside you, warm and wet. He stays there until his penis starts getting soft, until it pops out, no longer able to resist your anus squeezing it out.

Then, you start feeling the goo leak from your anus. Utterly humiliated, you keep repeating in your mind, get it off, get it off, wash me off! I don't want people to see me like this! Fortunately someone, your lover or one of the other people in the room, comes over and wipes you down with a wet cloth. You want to kiss them, right then and there. Well, if your mouth wasn't full.

Meanwhile, while someone was shoving his penis into your anus, someone else sits down next to you. I can feel the couch move slightly, pulling you towards the person who sat down, just a little bit. He reaches under you and starts fondling the side of your left breast. He doesn't even need to move his hand, with you being bounced back and forth by the guy thrusting into your ass. Leaning over, he starts kissing your back. Hot, wet kisses. What makes it even more exciting is that these aren't the lust filled, licking, rough kisses, but more like the soft kisses that an intimate lover uses. Between the violation of your ass and the soft lover's kisses on your back, you almost feel like you are with a kinky lover, not some stranger. Of course, it could be your lover, who knows.

It helps calm you, stop you from panicking. It feels wonderful. Maybe that is the intent, or maybe your lover had picked someone who wants to honestly make love, rather than just get off.

He pushes his hand under your breast and moves it so he has access to your nipple, then starts to alternate between pinching it and pushing it in. With a penis in your ass and your nipple being stimulated, you start absolutely gushing. You want nothing more than for the penis to get out of your ass and into your pussy.

Once you are cleaned up, a finger starts pushing against your pussy lips. This time it isn't rough, just a gentle push until it sinks into you. The finger comes out, and something cold is put in its place. It starts vibrating, tickling you, then is pushed inside you to replace the removed finger. The vibrator is turned up, and you can feel the tingling pleasure building in you again. Two fingers slide your lips apart at the clit and starts to slowly work it. Rubbing up and down, then back and forth, in small motions, exhilaration shoots through you. It feels so good, god you want to cry out. Your eyes roll up and you can only sit there, shuddering, basking in the pleasure. You climax again.

Two down, and you just started. This night is so wonderful already. Maybe too wonderful.

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