Dirty Me/I want more

From Create Your Own Story

The kissing stops and the vibrator is removed as something is again pushing against your anus. This time you feel a plastic ball being pushed into it. Once it is past the entrance, a finger pushes it in deeper, then another ball is being pushed in. This repeats until all the anal beads are inside you, filling your rectum. You are not sure who did it, or why, you just let out a sigh, inwardly at least, that it will stop someone else from attacking your ass. Since there was no pumping, thrusting, pushing, pulling, the pain goes away much quicker, and you are left feeling like you need to go poo. After a while, even this sensation subsides to a general awareness that something foreign is up your anus, but it starts to feel like it belongs.

Warm, sticky fluid lands on your back. It seems someone has decided they are excited enough just watching you.

A soft, warm head is pushed against your face cheek as someone begins rubbing the tip of his penis against it. Someone else opens your pussy lips with their fingers and starts pushing their penis into your now spread pussy. He starts slowly to slowly thrust and his hands rub the cum still sitting on your flesh, spreading it out, running his hands all over your back. You feel a slight pulling on your hair, and get the impression he is using your hair to wipe the cum off his hands and fingers. He thrusts at a slow rate, long, even strokes. You pant with longing, wanting him to speed up, to cum inside you.

He continues with his long, even strokes for a few minutes, then starts thrusting harder, faster. Finally, he spasms once, twice, and is pulling out, having cum inside you.

Someone pulls on your shoulders, urging you to stand up again, then brings you back where you started. Pushing your shoulders down, you feel hands reach under your back, supporting you as they lay you gently on the floor, then pulling your knees up and slightly outward.

Someone pushes something inside you, covered in lube, and keeps pushing until it is as far in as his fingers could reach. You can feel the cord from it hanging out of your pussy, and instantly know exactly what it is, since you have done this before with lovers. A bullet vibrator has been pushed inside you as far as it can reach. The wonderful thing about this is that, if the man is careful, it can be left inside, vibrating away, with enough room to still have normal sex. It is thrilling, and wonderful, and realizing that you get to do this gets you wet all over again.

Settling between your legs, you are pulled up slightly with your ass resting on top of someones legs. He spreads your pussy and pushes his penis inside, thrusting back and forth. The head of his penis pushes the vibrator back, against your cervix, and because you are resting on top of him, his movements are limited. With the added vibrator, happily buzzing away, it doesn't matter. Your brain melts, leaving you unable to say anything, even if you could have, as you become a single, pulsing erogenous spot, with his penis also rubbing against the beads in the other end.

Cum rains down on you, landing on your breasts, your stomach, your legs, your face, while the man continues thrusting inside you. It seems a few people decided to just jerk themselves while watching you being pounded. You wondered to yourself if any of the other men's cum hit the man penetrating you.

The man moves faster, occasionally shoving the vibrator hard against your cervix, hurting you. Finally he pulls out, and you can feel more cum being deposited on your pubis.

He moves you back on the floor and you could feel him get up from between your legs.

Three sets of hands lift you, onto your side, then roll you over. One at your shoulder, one at your ass, and one at your legs. The one at your ass, while halfway up, puts his fingers between your ass cheeks and gives the last bead a little push.

After rolling you over, your hips are pulled up, so your face is against the floor, with your breasts hanging down and your ass angled upward. Three different guys, one by one, take you from behind. The first cums in your pussy, with it leaking out and oozing down your leg. The next pulls out before cumming on your leg, so you have cum dripping down both legs now. The third, thrusting into you, and pushing the vibrator against your cervix with every thrust, is greeted with a surprise when you suddenly tighten up on him, shaking, as you climax again. You feel him cumming in your pussy immediately after your climax.

After the three guys finish, you are helped up again. The vibrator is removed, and they start moving you. You can feel the two men's semen leaking out of you, running down your legs. I can feel the cum drying on your breasts, stomach, face, slightly tugging at your skin. They keep moving me, and you begin to wonder where you are going.

Cold tile suddenly meet your feet, and you realize you are in the bathroom. Someone pick you up, and when he puts you down, I feel cold, slick porcelain under you and against your arms, back, ass, and feet. Why on earth did they lay you in the bathtub? If they are going to wash you off, wouldn't the shower be better?

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