Dirty Me/Back to school

From Create Your Own Story

You arrive home with your parents. In some ways, you are glad to be back. You missed your soft bed to lie on, and your computer to watch funny videos. Your phone, battery dead before the first night was over, can be recharged so you can enjoy your music. A nice, hot shower, instead of a horrible, cold stream. Your wonderful outfits, and posters adorning the walls.

You sigh when you first step in, glad to be home. But, in the back of your mind, you also remember: School will start again.

A shudder runs through you at the thought of going back to school. To be laughed at. To be teased. To have the other kids treating you like their favorite joke, like you are some disgusting monster for them to torment.

You weren't always teased. You used to be popular.

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