Continue to hold Callie in your arms until she awakens

From Create Your Own Story

You don't figure Callie will be asleep all that long, so you half-close your eyes and hold her. "I love you, sis," you whisper to her sleeping form.

Sure enough, about half an hour later, Callie's eyes flicker open. "Mmmmmmmm," she mumbles. You kiss her cheek softly. Suddenly, her brain comes out of its loving/sexual daze and she claps a hand to her mouth. Keeping her voice low, she says, "What did we just do? This is so totally wrong!"

You wrap your arms more securely around her and keep your own voice at low volume, while making it as relaxing as possible. "It's not at all wrong, Callie. You're beautiful, very sweet, and I love you." You punctuate this with a kiss on her cheek. "I won't let anything bad happen to you. I'll protect you from all who try to harm you."

"That's..." Callie says, now hesitant.

"Let's get dressed," you tell her. You both put your clothes back on. You retrieve the Bible Callie was looking at earlier. "Let me show you some stuff from here."

You open the Bible to...

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