...the parts where it describes several family sexual relationships

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Because of your religious upbringing, you know the Bible better than you know the back of your hand. You quickly locate the passages you seek and point them out to Callie, speaking in whispers. Callie is reluctant at first to accept your reasoning, but you finally convince her that since the passages are in the Bible, God must be perfectly all right with family sexual relations as long as they are loving and consensual. "After all," you conclude with a whisper, "why would He have this stuff included if He didn't approve of it?"

Callie nods. "You're right," she whispers back.

You notice your mom observing the scene from the doorway. She couldn't have heard what you were saying, but she could clearly see you and Callie intently studying the Bible and looking at quite a few different passages. She turns a radiant smile on both of you. "I didn't realize you were so serious about your Biblical studies, son," she says happily. "Callie, I know you enjoy it."

"Callie and I were reviewing the word of God to find out what he wants from us mortals," you tell your mom. "And I think Callie is awesome. I love her and will always protect her from evil." You turn Callie to face you and wrap her in your arms, with Callie's head against your chest.

"Hopefully you won't have to protect her from too much evil," your mom replies. "But keeping her away from boys who just want to commit carnal sins with her body will be good."

"That, I can do," you promise. "I won't let any of her classmates so much as look at her wrong."

"Don't forget that I'm taking Helena and Katie over to the birthday party tomorrow," Mom says. "It'll be just you and Callie for a few hours. Keep her safe."

"Will do," you grin.

After your mom leaves, you and Callie agree to have more brother-sister love the next day...

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