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You fly into John's body, which is upstairs in his room. Upon entering his body you immediately expect control from a weak spirit such as John, but that's not the case. Struggle as you might, you can't beat his spirit fully. Finally, it seems you have subdued him, pushing him into the back of your new mind. You think that's that. You try to get aroused, which is usually the first thing you do in a new body, mostly to get the feel for it. But when you go to do it in this body you find that it's harder. Whereas usually you can be erect in half a second, this is much slower. John is still in the back of your mind, and his shyness is affecting you. You cannot feel arousal as easily. It's a constant war in your mind over horny and innocent. You think you'll be able to get him to have sex, but maybe following his emotions would prove interesting.

In certain situations as John there will be a choice. You can choose horny or innocent. Sometimes there's no choice. 
Ex. [Innocent] No, I do not want to have sex

You get dressed for the day. Today you

Go to the beach with your family

Go to the mall

Roam around town

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